ࡱ> 02/Y \ bjbjWW ==\],,,,, 8,X($hX,,pL T[,, MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: The purpose of the Club is to engage in and promote non-gas powered [ our Lakes do not allow gas] radio control model boating in Arizona and the west side of the Valley of the Sun, in particular. We hold several non-competitive as well as competitive regattas each year, in both scale and sailing. WVRCM is an AMYA Club #207. We have a web site:  HYPERLINK mailto:wvrcm@tripod.com wvrcm@tripod.com where the latest club info and schedule can be found; as well as a periodic newsletter. We usually meet the first Saturday of each month at 10:00am at the Litchfield Park Lake just north of Indian School ByPass Road on Old Litchfield Road, one block east of the traffic light of the new improved version of Litchfield Road. Our annual membership dues are currently $10.00 per year and run from 1st of October. [$6.00 after April 1st.We are currently waiving the historical $10.00 one time Initiation fee to equalize the expense of the property the club has acquired over all members.] This application and check should be sent to: Barbara Ruhnke-David, Purser WVRCM 305 W. Pintura Circle Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340 Her telephone is 623 935-5017 and email is  HYPERLINK mailto:barb305@earthlink.net barb305@earthlink.net - - - - - - - - - - - - Return the following form please- - - - - - - West Valley R/C Mariners Membership Application: Name____________________ Spouses name______________________ Childrens names___________________, _________________________ _________________________________,___________________________ Address____________________________ City___________zip________ Telephone: ( ) ____-________ email address:______________________ Name/Design of Boats you have: [if sail please give sail number] Radio Frequencies you use: _________ __________ ____________ I hereby apply for membership in the WVRCM and agree to abide by its Constitution, Bylaws and Decisions with regard to WVRCM Club Activities and Regattas. Enclosed is the sum of $_________________ Date______________ Signature WELCOME ABOARD! ?A J Z \ 5CJjoCJUCJH*0JjCJU jCJUCJ jUf.KQgM N O P Q  @  & Ff.KQgM N O P Q  @  P Q = > ? I J Z \  .@  P Q = > ? I J Z \ &d &d (d $d &d / =!"#$%Dd   c AdD:\My Documents\awvrcm holding file\wvrcmlogo.gifb;k\ KDn|~_GZR>1ҏR {n7knf_cl:Ag_uoWa1Pމ1jаSLҀ~,2fdXcb L Eȼ"'阶/,|GW\ ~]lߢ/?+1W^\-IZLM9}jȎ1}sHtV&}A +J.?*Q6b[[\33gpW?*Mݜ5ORiXS)>%,.cCGn%wl> ҶW|_>@t&Tz>~z~= 6{JSS٤LiZ@qioÝE</o~/5O+. z~z !.\Ͳ񺊢O[;)0ݣ>ŲHV:7׊o! po?'?0􏿡]KfV~v0f~Z6~cF1׊?n\r }3XSdWK_i7 Zj)=H m?5?{\Wev|7M.P:ƭ]M/|C5}W%xd8zk#qIhg8I ~g +af.þkU6 j/u@bO fy5yC<7st[0cK>SۖzUnB羉#uP},Ԇoߙg6l?[NZA.}|$h}xߟ^Mr3BvݞtEB_?J_ \9_??:'۞S~#J{7џโx Yãn>էKoqG~WM v{Asa?iz( Nv˴ݵܧ+S@ymkکݻ)Nmu6zJ`}rl2F0>/%% U 7s;^,3A_ĺN.Q3P>?G8EUL,D^3Mv}ky <}+I5I* |2KӝޖouN_[5dW·+cPP8VämxEoXwoFb4HMRb}#Y[m[ }*xH 5oi MTH['%jH)G_/];H"8ER6YQxϸxKĦz9+J7b]T' Vdx5I? ~{ҤkʼL߼ 0CM_a|uU86}T{Pȟ`E}+V%Jj3XJ'6meFJ;}M2*w7F/3+ww Wp3??k`qH{铜jk*I_ eLOoD&Ja GaͮFoJta5ޯbe[ :_a7C2˾036=E_cBy zߜR ?ÿ4h~\HKS] }) 2(v[4"[ }Unr<>ck>tN1}cB7}6uO}Ɛ.}J~?2G>N[{>1E74_3M߫`0,AWb ߶A:^2"ze41?tA1Nߏ-Nr;w{'O qƒO/eҗ6D^Ҁ>B=TM?Gyeݷjt>tQxy* a;2Qoe:g3 Q<?a_nZ!#wq"/˦,nL ؛E:fNˬA) _J?DAwLv'}rXC^~ ~ _Jg*bܷ &-OCCWז~D4-z°ӷV~  ,xs+/8} ._F5ǹi,Y b ñ/;<}*[rpEZpAÅj1%$~S=<YmiN5p/{bO0a}c[н5Ngݒ >T}o܅(*c7#?!Nߙʈ>_/<> RDW/诗9wo>oHMK|gk>o`}Hg2^H H~_- fgH'%xh/HҖjJ.>s8{H>myg29IGe?Gb@~8%"aIӗ9~40Xs2ˑwF}ЖL,?(t38O_3P&R/pʣ iJr+KnL{<+} /?e"񿢈~?$\Of Rru56MN"CiHT)C~'o*I9ȋ]A:rM/n`7nz\sDH?(l@ OgEfqk+]Wy?[IwӇK,,k?sTtEXtOFIENDB`DyK wvrcm@tripod.comyK 0mailto:wvrcm@tripod.comDyK barb305@earthlink.netyK :mailto:barb305@earthlink.net [$@$NormalmH 0@0 Heading 1$@&CJ*B**B@* Body TextCJ\\ @ \ \ \XXGQx~6<X_gqew^af!au#%bi.^Rowland StevensBC:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\AutoRecovery save of Document1.asdRowland StevensMC:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\WVRCM MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.docRowland StevensMC:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\WVRCM MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.docRowland StevensMC:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\WVRCM MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.docvTEI61hho(-vTE@\@@GzTimes New Roman5Symbol3& zArial"qhkF65!20dv Rowland StevensRowland StevensOh+'0d   , 8DLT\ ssRowland Stevensowl Normal.dotvRowland Stevens3wlMicrosoft Word 8.0@0@ X@sT[5՜.+,D՜.+,, hp|   vj  Title,(RZ _PID_GUID _PID_HLINKSAN{16CB0CE7-3A33-4940-9432-BE5180ACF6AE}Apemailto:barb305@earthlink.net9mailto:wvrcm@tripod.com$M2D:\My Documents\awvrcm holding file\wvrcmlogo.gif  !"#$%&()*+,-.1Root Entry FHoXkT[3Data J1TableWordDocumentSummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8'CompObjjObjectPoolkT[kT[  FMicrosoft Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89q
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